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Cardinal Giulio Alberoni
Art Gallery
Art Gallery - Collegio Alberoni

Art Gallery

Dirck Bouts, Gesł risorto appare a S. Francesca Romana (Christ resuscitated appears to S. Francesca Romana)Antonello da Messina, Ecce homo, 1473-76Jan Provost, Madonna della fontana (Madonna of the fountain), 1510 c.
Maestro dei putti bizzarri, Sacra Famiglia e San Giovanni (Master of bizarre cherubs, Holy Family and Saint John)Raphael's workshop, Sacra Famiglia con S. Anna e San Giovannino(Holy family with Anne and little Saint John)Zenone Veronese, Gesł deposto presso il sepolcro (Christ at the sepulcre) (detail), 1526
Giov. Battista Gaulli, known as Baciccio, Ritratto di papa Clemente IX (Portrait of Pope Clemente IX)Francesco Solimena, Allegoria Alberoniana (Alberoni allegory), 1722-24Gian Paolo Panini, Cacciata dei profanatori dal tempio (Chase of the temple violators), 1725-26?

Alberoni bequeathed to the boarding school his precious paintings included in the inventory of his roman palace dated 1735 which he had personally compiled.
The cardinal liked either the contemporary "historical painting "masters, as Gian Paolo Panini, Domenico Maria Viani (1668-1711) and Sebastiano Conca (1676-1764), or "genre painting" - still lives, "bambocciate", landscapes and sea views - and high quality works by such specialist painters as Michelangelo Cerquozzi (1602-1660), Gaspard Dughet (1615-1675), Eberhart Keilhau (1624-1687), Antonio Gianlisi (1677-1727) and David de Coninck (1643-1701).
We must also mention one of the most remarkable painters of the 17th century,Guido Reni (1575-1642) author of San Pietro che piange (Saint Peter crying, Luca Giordano (1632-1705), Giovanni Battista Gaulli (1639-1709), known as Baciccio, author of the nice portrait of pope Clemente IX, and Angelo Caroselli (1585-1652), author of Allegoria della giovinezza e della vecchiaia (Allegory of Youth and Old Age) which the cardinal thought had been carried out by Caravaggio.
Devotional reasons, more than a precise aesthetic choice by Alberoni, may justify the purchase of a considerable amount of paintings by primitive painters, at the time not very appreciated for their artistic qualities. In effect today, in Alberoni's apartment, we may find some paintings by the so called "primitive artists", i.e. painters active before the 16th century, among which the outstanding Ecce Homo by Antonello da Messina. Such painting is one of the top masterpieces by the painter from Messina, and deals with the key factor in his pictorial research, as confirmed by the stylistic comparison with other works of his,such as Ecce homo in Palazzo Spinola (Genova), Cristo Benedicente (Christ Blessing) at London's National Gallery andCristo alla Colonna(Christ at the pillar) at Louvre. There are also two remarkable paintings by the Flemish painter Jan Provost (1462-1529), representing a Madonna col Bambino (Madonna with Child) and a glass of flowers in a niche, which were originally part of a small portable little altar.

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