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List of museums for category Museums in town Museums in the province Area of interest Suggested Itineraries The territory
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Weapons section

Sword dating back to the end of the 14th centuryThree thread Morion belonging to Farnese Guards, about 1545Armour dating back to about 1580-85, in Palazzo Farnese.

Room 15 is devoted to the display of the ancient weapons collection, about 400 pieces collected at the half of the 19th century by the Count Antonio Parma; the collection belongs to Istituto Gazzola and has been left as a deposit to Palazzo Farnese Museums. The collection includes both defence and offence weapons, either original or reconstructed in the 19th century.
Among thedefence weapons, there are whole armours or parts of armours in perfect conditions, helmets and horses armours, above all dating back to the 16thcentury. Among the helmets, an interesting piece is theThree thread Morion belonging to the Farnese Guards and probably dating back to about 1545. There are also some remarkable works by Pompeo della Cesa, one of the most famous and skilled armourers of the 16th century. Active in Milan in the last quarter of the 16 th century, he produced high level works, requested by some important people of the time. Pompeo della Cesa also made anotherarmour which is nearly complete and perfectly preserved, dating back to 1580-85.
The section dedicated tooffence weapons includes some precious lances (halberds etc), blade weapons (above all swords) and fire weapons, dating back to16th, 17th and 18th centuries. Among the lances we must mention a remarkableScythe bearing the coat of armour of Alessandro Farnese, dating back to 1586-1590. There is also a SwissHalberd dating back to the 16th century bearing on the iron part three tulips in a shield. Among the blade weapons we must mention two"Schiavone" swords from Veneto, dating back to the first half of the 17th century; such swords were used by the "schiavone" troops from della Dalmatia that used to fight for the Republic of Venice. There are even some very interesting eastern pieces, namely two wonderfulKris from Malaysia and two Knives (Jambiya) probably coming from Persia.
The display of chronological series and important pieces, makes the collection historically and artistically very valuable.

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