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Museum In Motion - MIM - San Pietro in Cerro

Bot (Osvaldo Barbieri), No title, oil canvas, 44x34,5 cmGiovanni Brusamolino, Tra-perari Female bronze, 125x82x33 cmGustavo Foppiani, Il mare non vuole bastimenti alle catene (The sean doesn't want anchored ships) canvas, 40x50 cm
Cinello Losi, Contemplazione (Contemplation), 1975 mixed technique on canvas, 45x55 cmLudovico Mosconi, No title, 1952-54 oil canvas, 60x50 cmLuciano Ricchetti, Modella nuda seduta (Naked model sitting), 1947 oil canvas, 85x60 cm
Emilio Scanavino, Il si e il no (Yes and No), 1964 oil canvas, 200x200 cmLuciano Spazzali, No title, 1957oil phaesite, 30x40 cm

Located inside a monumental medieval castle, "Castello di San Pietro in Cerro", MIM (Museum in Motion) hosts hundreds of 20th century paintings and sculptures, some of which date back to very recent times, which constitute a permanent exhibition of works from the half of the 20th century.
The Museum presently includes an exhibition of 133 works by foreign and Italian artists, some of whom are very famous (Emilio Vedova and) Mario Schifano. A hall, the tower and the barn of the castle are dedicated to creations by contemporary Italian artists; in another room 11 works by foreign artists are displayed; a third hall is dedicated to the master Gianni Brusamolino from Milan. A whole room is dedicated to the creations of artists from Piacenza: there are 37 works by the main authors born in Piacenza, among whom Cinello Losi and William Xerra.
The museum, preserving some of the most recent art trends, is particularly interesting: like great American contemporary art museums, MIM preserves about 300 works, among which paintings, drawings, sculptures and illustrations, which are displayed in rotation up to a max of 180 works at a time. Mim, in effect, stands for Museum in Motion, a space where to display in rotation works from the art collection of the Spaggiari family.
The sculpture symbolizing the museum is by Alberto Allegri; it is made of iron and cut by means of a laser.
A whole section of the museum is dedicated to Gianni Brusamolino and it includes works marking the main steps in his rich artistic career. Living in France from 1950 to 1971 he met the most important artists, ranging from Picasso to Severini. Brusamolino goes into the Italian and French 20th century, futurism and cubism. Here, apart from historical paintings like Strati di fiume (River Layers), Ossa vive (Living Bones) dating back to 1962 and Alberi (Trees) dating back to 1959, among the sculptures there are works representing Le quattro stagioni (The four seasons) bronze sculptures and La casa (The house), a terracotta sculpture.
Following the itinerary you'll find about 70 works, most of which coming from thematic reviews organized in the ancient Palazzo della Pretura in Castell’Arquato, sponsored by the Spaggiari family.
Most of the artists whose works were displayed during exhibitions gave their works to the Spaggiari family so that their works became part of the MIM collection.
This is therefore a cultural sponataneous heritage, also enriched by several purchases carried out in the last 7 years .

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